Founder's Story

The founder, born and raised in the Netherlands into a family with five children, faced early challenges as the youngest son of a single immigrant mother. To alleviate the cramped living conditions, he moved out at a young age. Despite the obstacles, he completed his culinary school curriculum at Francois Vatel in The Hague.

His desire to work in the food and beverage industry was hindered by high unemployment rates during those years. Resorting to door-to-door sales on a commission basis, he hustled to make ends meet while nurturing his passion for the industry. After four years, he secured a job as a chef at a prestigious Dutch catering house, which ignited his journey towards owning his first hospitality venue and becoming a prominent franchise holder.

However, his ambitions transcended mere success in the business world; he yearned to make a tangible impact on society. Observing the lack of healthy juice options in 2014, which were often laden with sugar and artificial flavors, he envisioned pioneering a new standard in the juice category. Inspired by the natural goodness of fruits, he embarked on a mission to create truly healthy juice alternatives. Thus, I am Superjuice was born.

I am Superjuice is now enjoyed in over 21 countries worldwide. The most key positions in our company are runned by third-generation family members, along with colleagues that became family.

Sincerely. F. Moendir and family

Visiting the coconut and exotic fruit farms in Vietnam.