Pioniers of the juices

We traveled all over the world in search to find the most beautiful exotic fruits. In this journey we met so many people from travelers to expats to citizens and many more. All with their different story but with one thing in common; craving to get back to those precious memories they created. The only way to do that is to connect taste with memories, because well… let’s be honest; with the most beautiful memories food or drinks are involved. Talking to all these different people made us even more motivated to provide a drink which gives these memories back.

In the end of our travel, we discovered a farm in Asia where the farmer with his people where so helpful and grown the most delicious fruits, he called it; ‘the queens of the fruits’ we smiled from ear to ear, and we couldn’t agree more.

We knew immediately; we need to make sure the whole world can experience the taste of these fruits. So that is what we did, trying to bring you a smile on your face with our juices.


We stand for quality and freshness the only way to achieve that is to be as quick as possible and to keep it as simple as possible. So, our production process doesn’t take longer than 5 days starting with the harvest.

I am Superjuice within 5 days


Because we believe the best fruits are produced in Asia, we grow our fruits in that specific area. All the farms are close to the manufactory, so we got the freshest fruits and cut in CO2 from transport.


Once the fruits are arrived, they will be freshly squeezed, and our coconuts will be opened by hand to make sure we don’t lose any precious coconut water.


After squeezing the juice will be mixed with some water and stevia, making sure we use the finest ingredients. So with every sip of I am Superjuice you will smile.


Because we stand for simplicity and don’t want to add any preservatives, we developed our own special pasteurizing method. This method makes the shelf life up to 12 months! Longer fun!!


After the bottling we pack everything in carboard boxes to reduce the use of plastic! When everything is checked and tested it is time to ship all over the world to bring you that smile!